GPS hunt

1 Sep

A guy I hunt with started burying old nickels and steel pennies and giving out the GPS coordinates to other people. So far I’ve only hunted these a couple of times with no success. One of the nickels he buried was a 1900 V nickel and I really wanted it. So, today after work, I went over to the park where the nickel was and using my iphone I located the general area. It took me about an hour to find the V nickel and in the process I dug up a Washington nickel, 2 memorials, and a few pull tabs. I also eye balled a recently dropped coin spill by one of the picnic tables.

Another guy had suggested we all meet at the park and hunt for the V nickel and the other coins hidden there on Saturday. I am off to the Caldwell Hunt on Saturday so that’s why I went today. I hope I did not ruin their hunt


V nickel

The fruits of my labor


One Response to “GPS hunt”

  1. treasurebone September 15, 2011 at 12:52 am #

    That is a very interesting idea. I wish I had a friend who did that! We would be BEST friends. hahah!

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