Silver, Copper, and Steel

1 Sep

Another metal detectorist told me about finding wheat cents in this small grassy area on a park we often hunt. So after work, having only 30 minutes free to hunt, I went there and within 5 minutes I got a very scratchy signal 6 inches deep. The Target ID on the AT Pro read 92, 94, 95 so I decided to dig it. After digging down to 5 inches or so, out came out a 1938 D Mercury dime and a 1926 wheat cent. I checked the hole with the Garrett Propointer and there was still a signal there. Excitedly, I dug up a very rusted small disk the size of a penny. I knew exactly what it was because the day before, the same guy who told me about the spot, told me that steel pennies get really rusty after being on the ground for a while.

Unfortunately, I scratched the merc. I tend to dig very small holes right on top of the target. I am changing that. From now on I will dig 3 inches around the target. Yes, I will make bigger holes but, darn! I can’t afford to scratch any more coins. One of these days I will dig something really valuable and ruin it.

By the way, the reason why these coins read in the mid 90’s in the Target ID, is because the AT Pro adds the signals from the individual coins the same way a detector will give a 50 cent signal when two quarters are buried in the ground.  I think if the Target ID went higher than 99, I may have gotten an ID closer to 200. I also believe the signal was scratchy because of the rusted steel penny.

Merc, wheat, and rusted steel penny

A very nice pocket spill

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