1910 wheat cent

14 Sep

I have been hunting a house built in 1917.  The house may be older though, as the sidewalk stamp says 1910.

Anyway,in the past I’ve pulled 2 Mercury dimes from the curb strip but no silver coins from the house lawn itself. I carefully hunted the whole property, including the curb in a grid pattern and I thought I was done.
The other day however, I did not have a good place to hunt during the 30 minutes that I get to hunt after work, so I went back to this house. I started re-scanning the curb and I found this little gem. This proves that one should never consider a spot done. Ever.

This penny was 7 inches deep. The Target ID on the AT Pro registered it at 82-83

1910 Lincoln cent. No mint mark

My oldest Lincoln cent


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