Where to hunt, where to hunt…

15 Sep

I may be the only guy in Wichita finding silver coins in city parks…ok, I know of another guy who found a silver dime in a park the other day.

The reason why I find silver coins in city parks while other don’t ,  is that I hunt on areas of the park other people won’t touch. I also hunt parks that others won’t hunt. Take the BAD park for example.

The bad park is a huge park in the middle of a neighborhood that is perceived as being dangerous. It is one of the earliest parks in the city and it may have been part of Buffalo Bill Mathewson’s land. By the way, Buffalo Bill Mathewson is the original Buffalo Bill. Buffalo Bill Cody; the one you may be familiar with, actually copied the whole character, down to the white beard, from Mathewson. But I digress.

I heard that a couple of old guys attempted to hunt this park not long ago and were assaulted by hoodlums. Hearing this convinced me that this was my park to hunt since now I know people will stay away from it and leave all the goodies to me. Now I am not dumb, although I know how to defend myself and I am no 90 lb weakling. (5′ 11”, 250 lbs of metal detecting fury) I won’t take unnecessary risks. I know the hoodlums will sleep late and not use the park until the evening so I hunt it during lunch and in the mornings during the weekend.

Plus, the park is no longer surrounded by houses so there is no neighborhood to speak of around it so there’s hardly any people there anyway.  Heck, most days there is NO one in the park but me. I haven’t found anything worthwhile yet, but I am sure I will.

The reason why I am thinking of this topic, is because there is a site that I drive by every day on my way home from work and yesterday, on my way back home, I finally stopped there and metal detected. The site appealed to me in part because it is in an old part of the city that has been continually inhabited for 150 years and in part because I figured no one else would hunt there. I only hunted for 30 minutes but in that time I dug up an aluminum cover to what may have been a powder compact or may have been a snuff/tobacco container. The piece has a monogram-style logo with letter type that looks 100 years old. I will post a picture later. So this dates the place and tells me that no one has hunted here for a while because this lid gave a quarter signal that no one would ignore. As I hunted further, I hit a pocket spill of a clad dime and a memorial copper penny. A little down the way, I found another pocket spill, this one consisting of two clad quarters. The site is obviously still active. My 30 minutes ran out too soon and I had to head home. I am definitely going back later. I get a feeling I will find interesting things here.

Thanks for looking!


2 Responses to “Where to hunt, where to hunt…”

  1. treasurebone September 15, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    I’m an ex-military type and if you like we could hit some extremely dicey neighbor hoods take turns detecting whilst the other performs 360 security with a vehicle mounted swivel top M-60. I know now a days they are using SAW’s but other than a few forays into the world of Modern War Fare via my sons X-Box 360, I have no real experience on that weapon.

    Then again I’d imagine a 5’11”, 250 pound package of “Metal Detecting Fury” who carries a large digging knife ought not get messed with too much.

    Great story thanks!


    • David September 16, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

      LOL! I don’t think the park is THAT dangerous!

      As for the 250lbs of metal-detecting fury, despite the fact that I carry a mean Sampson t-handle digger that could easily be mistaken for a medieval weapon, I believe you would see every one of those 250lbs running for the car should the situation turn ugly.

      Hey, pride is for fools. I’d rather be alive.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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