Another silver dime

24 Sep

I returned to McAdams park today and found another silver dime. I was carefully hunting the area and bam! I got another sweet signal with an id of 81-82. The dime was about 6 inches down. It is my 11th silver coin since I started metal detecting in May 22 of this year. This park is huge. The neighborhood that surrounded it died a slow cruel death and was eventually torn down and the land incorporated into the park.
The cool thing about that fact is that the neighborhood itself dated to the very early 1900’s and if I can figure out where the front lawns and backyards were, I may be able to pull out some Barbers and maybe some Seated coins.

Thank you for looking.

1964 D Roosevelt dime

Love that color in the dirt!

1964 dime closeup

This one is not bent or dented.


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