The park gives again

29 Sep

This time it’s a 1954 Roosevelt dime with no mint mark. The signal on this coin was strange though. It was a faint but repeatable high tone. The VDI said 87, which is usually a quarter on the AT Pro. The depth was correct. I cut a 7 inch-deep plug and the dime was sitting maybe 1/2 inch deeper at the bottom. This is my deepest dime. My deepest coin is a wheat cent at 8″.

I wish I wouldn’t get all giddy like a school girl every time I find a silver coin because I lose my presence of mind. I keep meaning to photographically document the depth of these coins with my measuring stick but when I am giggling and my pupils are dilated, I forget. Many times, I don’t know if the coin fell into the hole from the sides during the dig but in these past 5 hunts, I’ve had two perfectly placed coins in the hole for measuring. This one was one of them. 7.5 inches.

As for the VDI of 87, the only thing I can see that may explain it,  is that within the area of the coil, towards the edge, there was a pull tab signal that I did not dig. I rechecked the hole and there was nothing left in there. Oh well.

I finally broke down and invited someone to join me for tomorrow’s lunch hunt. I have been hesitant to say too much mostly because I don’t want to feel responsible for anyone else’s safety. The park can be a dangerous place. I won’t even post this find in the forums because I am afraid one of the new people may decide to try this park and not knowing the reputation of the park may end up getting hurt. The old timers all stay away from this park. Maybe I am too paranoid.

Finally, I have been digging consistent (as in VDI) foil signals. This leads me to two observations:
1) It’s amazing how many pieces of trash have a nice tone and a consistent VDI.
2) The medium signals had faded into the background for me since I had been hunting only high tones. Now, they are back in the foreground of my attention when I am swinging the coil.

This is my 12th silver coin since I started md’ing in May 22, 2011

silver dime next to hole

Isn't beautiful in it's natural habitat?

dirty silver dime at the park

Dirt boy...

1954 Roosevelt dime with no mint mark

...all cleaned up!


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