Silver coin #13

1 Oct

Silver coin #13 since May 22, 2011 is a 1962 Roosevelt dime.

I was supposed to hunt McAdams park this morning but another hunter, who is also a police officer, sent me a message advising that I stay away from that park today. The police were expecting trouble there due to a recent gang-related shooting. Sigh!

So last night I decided to hunt Aley park instead. Aley park is a park from 1940 so I thought I may find something good there. I got there at 6:30am and hunted until 10am with just a little clad for my trouble. I decided then, that I would take an hour at a different park and I headed to Linwood park.

Linwood park is a large park from the late 1800’s. Another hunter found a Roosevelt silver dime and an Indian Head penny there a couple of weeks ago so I thought I’d try my luck. I decided on an area about 30ft x 30ft and began to grid it slowly, with overlapping swings. My plan was to complete the grid in an hour but doing just one direction took that long. At the very last pass I got a sweet signal that was broken both in tone and id. The depth read 8 inches. I dug an 8 inch hole and found nothing. I covered the hole and re-scanned and the signal was there again but off the original area I dug. This time the signal said 4 inches. So I cut a shallow plug and right about 3 inches deep I found the source of the signal.

I have now extracted silver coins from the 3 largest and oldest parks in the city: Riverside, Sim, and Linwood. And to think that I once thought all the silver was gone from our city parks!

1962 silver dime right out of the hole
1962 dime

All clean, although a little blurry

Right out of the hole

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