First Buffalo nickel and first War nickel

11 Oct

Before I go into the details of this hunt, I want to mention something other people who metal detect have mentioned to me and that is the subject of feelings; as in “Something told me to dig this pull tab”.

I went to McAdams park at lunch time today.  As I was walking toward the spot I had planned to detect, something told me to detect a different spot instead. In fact, I had a good reason not to deviate from my original plan because I have found 4 wheats and a silver dime in the area I had first chosen for today’s hunt. Yet, there I was,listening to my gut, putting on my headphones and turning my AT Pro on. Two minutes into it, I got a nice middle tone with a target id of 53 at a depth of four inches. I began to dig the hole fully expecting a clad nickel but what I got instead immediately got me grinning; my first Buffalo nickel! Other hunters in Wichita have found Buffalo nickels lately and I wondered if I would ever find one.
I covered the hole and as an after thought I re-scanned it and I got another signal. This signal was another middle tone that jumped around from 53 to 60 and back. Out of curiosity, I decided to re-open the hole. I was totally shocked when the 1943 Jefferson nickel popped out. I did not need to see the date to know what I had. The coin I was looking at had the unmistakable silky silver color. I was really grinning then! So, for good measure, I stuck my pinpointer in the hole and got no other signals but before I decided to cover the hole again, I ran the coil over it. Bam! another clear middle tone hits my ears and the VDI shows 53. I laughed out loud as I used my Lesche to extract yet another Buffalo nickel.
The three coins in the spill are: a 1943 Jefferson nickel, a 1928 Buffalo nickel with no mint mark visible, and a 1937D Buffalo nickel with a four legged Buffalo.

The 1943 Jefferson war nickel is my 20th silver coin for the year. Yeah baby!

***Thanks to Tony from the Detecting Saxapahaw blog for pointing out that I was erroneously calling the war nickel a Washington nickel. I’ve fixed the error.***

War nickel and two buffalo nickels

Right out of the hole

War nickel and two buffalo nickels


Thank you for looking!


4 Responses to “First Buffalo nickel and first War nickel”

  1. Detecting Saxapahaw October 11, 2011 at 6:13 pm #

    Congrats! My very first silver was a war nickel, and I simply love them. In addition to being silver, it has that unique oddity quality to it. But most of all, even though it’s just a nickel, it has such a connection to our national and world history at the time. It just feels like part of something bigger, ya know?

    Oh, but the founding father on the front is Jefferson 😉

    Congrats again, a really excellent pocket spill!

    • yaquigrande October 11, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

      I knew there was something odd when I was writing the post! Thanks for pointing out my HUGE numismatic error.


  2. Rosie October 12, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    Congrats on your coins! I totally get you about the *feeling* you get when detecting certain spots. Glad it’s not just me! 😉


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