Silver coin #21

13 Oct

Once again, I spent my lunch hour at McAdams park. I wanted to explore a small area where I previously found a Mercury dime and four wheat pennies. I spent the better part of my 45 minutes working the edge of a paved walking path with no results. I decided to move down towards the bottom of an old creek bed that runs through the park. I had ignored the creek bed in prior hunts because I felt that the old coins may be too deep in the old mud, but as I only had ten minutes or so left, I did a quick scan with my AT Pro.

Right away I got an iffy and soft high signal with iron low tones that bounced between 77 and 80. I dug a hole and about 7 inches down I found a 1952 wheat cent. Usually, the signals from wheats at that depth repeat consistently even if they are a bit dim, so I think the iron around the coin made the signal inconsistent.

I swung my coil a few more times and about four feet away I got a really inconsistent signal. It too was soft and it only came every three swings or so. I upped my sensitivity to the maximum level and swung fast to see if it would repeat and it did a little. Now I was getting the signal going one way. Moving around the signal made it disappear altogether. The depth reading on the Pro was 10+ inches and the there was no target id. I decided to dig it anyway since this would be my last target dug for the hunt.

silver coin in the dirt clump

Silver from the depths!

I found the 1957 Roosevelt dime at about eight inches deep. Measuring the depth of a target is important to me as I am trying to determine how to get at the very old coins in this park. To that end, I measured my hand from the tip of the middle finger to the first line on the inside of my wrist and found that length to be almost exactly seven and a half inches. So every time I dig a hole, I use my handy measuring hand to determine the depth. This time, my hand was completely in the whole up to the first line of my wrist and the target was maybe a quarter inch to half an inch deeper. That’s how I came up with my depth estimate. So this dime was almost out of the reach of the Pro. This frustrates me and excites me at the same time. It frustrates me to know that I cannot get to the coins from the 30’s, 20’s and 10’s;  it excites me because I know there are lots of goodies still in this park if only I can find a way to reach them.

1957D Roosevelt dime

Silver coin #21

I am thinking of upgrading the coil of my AT Pro to a 9×12 concentric to see if I can squeeze one more inch out it. More than likely, I will have to come up with the money for a White’s V3i or a PI machine like the Fisher CZ 21.

This was kind of a lengthy post just to show you my latest find. Thank you for sticking around until the end and thank you for looking!


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