Silver coin #23. My first Barber dime

15 Oct

Two people I have metal detected with in the past have found Seated Liberty dimes in a park in Peabody, Kansas. I want a Seated coin really badly so I decided to go to this park this morning. I met four fellow hunters there and we got to work.
After about an hour I got a very nice signal but only one way. The AT Pro seemed to be unsure as to the depth, telling me one second the target was eight inches deep and then next second telling me it was four inches deep. The Target ID was jumpy as well moving in the range of the lower 80’s. I decided to dig it based on the sweetness of the signal. I made a hole about five inches deep and the pinpointer told me the target was on the side of the hole at about the four inch mark. I carefully extracted a tip-full of soil with my digger and I had in my hand a small clump of wet soil with a beautifully reeded, silver edge. In the excitement of the moment I did not think to take a picture.
I looked around and saw a couple of the guys talking nearby so I took the clump over to them and told them I may have a Seated coin. I unveiled the coin in their presence first looking at the reverse, which made my heart jump because the reverse on the Seated dimes looks very much like the reverse on the Barber dimes. Of course, once I turned the coin over I saw it was a Barber dime.

The dime is in beautiful condition. This coin was dropped very close to its mint day. This is my first Barber dime but not my first Barber coin. My first Barber coin was an 1899 Barber quarter I found here in Wichita. This is silver coin # 23 since May 22, 2011, when I began metal detecting.


Almost Uncirculated I say

1911 Barber dime reverse

I love this side of the coin


3 Responses to “Silver coin #23. My first Barber dime”

  1. Detecting Saxapahaw October 17, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    Congrats! Really gorgeous looking coin. Well done

  2. Rosie October 21, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    I meant to leave this earlier, but I can’t believe how great that dime looks.

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