Silver coin #24

17 Oct

I went to my usual park for lunch. I found two wheat cents right away. About 30 minutes after, I got a good strong signal. The depth indicator said eight inches but by the strength of the signal I thought the target could be shallower than that. The Target ID jumped around from 80 up to 84 and back. I dug the signal and I found this 1949D Roosevelt dime at about six and a half inches in the hole. I don’t know why the depth indicated was off by that much. The coin may have been on its edge. This is silver coin #24 for the year.

In other news, I have to scale back my metal detecting efforts because I need to spend more time with my boys. They are my greatest treasure. So I will only hunt during my lunch hour. Weekends belong to them.

1949 Roosevelt dime

Another one for the pile.


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