Mr. Silver and Mr. Snake: silver coin #25

18 Oct

I tried a different spot at my park during lunch and it paid off right away. I got a nice strong signal that read 81-82 on the AT Pro at eight inches deep. As I scanned it more carefully the depth changed from eight to four inches and back to eight.  Now I know that if the signal is strong but broken or with an iffy depth, the coin may be on its side. This was the case here since upon removing a six inch plug, I found the coin at about the four inch level almost completely on it’s side. Silver coin #25 is a somewhat stained 1958D Roosevelt dime.

dirt plug with edge of coin showing

Boom there it is!

1958 D Roosevelt dime

A little stained but it's a keeper!

After digging this coin I still had more than 30 minutes left so I merrily continued my hunt until a few minutes later, when I got another sweet signal. This time the signal was very soft and broken and the AT Pro indicated a depth of ten plus. I dug up a six or seven inch plug with my Sampson digger and as I removed the plug, a snake jumped out of the hole!!!! Holy crap! I am not terrified of snakes but it sure surprised the heck out of me! It  looked like a harmless snake about one and a half foot long. I waited until it went back in the hole. I put the plug back carefully and gently and I left Mr. Snake’s treasure untouched.

snake on the grass

Mr. Snake will be keeping his treasure, thank you very much

Thank you for looking!


One Response to “Mr. Silver and Mr. Snake: silver coin #25”

  1. Detecting Saxapahaw October 19, 2011 at 12:19 am #

    LOL that is TERRIFYING!! And I’m not scared of snakes either, but that would totally creep me out!

    Love the pic of the silver tho, congrats!

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