Depth Obsessed

21 Oct

Someone suggested that I am obsessed with depth. They may be right. In my defense, I have a valid reason for pondering the question of depth or as someone else may say “pounding  the question of depth”

You see, the park I’ve been hunting is driving me crazy. I know this for sure:

  • The park was opened in 1901.
  • It has been sparsely hunted.
  • Although improvements have been made to this park, the soil in most of the park has not been filled.
  • Coins from the late 40’s and after, are laying six to eight inches deep.

So you see, I want to get to the coins from the late 40’s and before. Plus, I can dig a ten inch hole in ten seconds with my Sampson t-handle digger.

Here is a video of me digging deep trash today at lunch and a picture of a much older target I extracted from the soil twenty feet away.

I found this shot sell at a little more than six inches deep. Why is the shot shell from the late 1800’s at six inches and the modern wine cap at nine and a half inches? I am confused.

shotgun shell

Found at about six inches in the same park

The information about this shot sell that I got from Cartridge-Corner (see link under Useful Links on the side) says that the shell was made from 1896 to 1938. However after 1927, these shells had Made In The U.S.A. stamped on them so this is earlier than 1927. Also, from 1901 to 1920, these shells had 1901 instead of Winchester stamped on them. Finally, the park became a park in 1901 so I surmise from all this that the shot shell was dropped in the very last years of the 19th century. So, why was this shot sell not deeper than the wine cap?

So, with the whole depth issue in mind, I am working feverishly at getting the finances together for a White’s Spectra V3i. I would like to have it in the next two to three weeks. We’ll see.

Thank you for looking.


One Response to “Depth Obsessed”

  1. Ozarks October 21, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    Best of luck with your new detector! Thanks for the blogroll add, I did the same! Happy Hunting 🙂

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