Silver coin #30

27 Oct

I met a fellow hunter at my favorite park today. While he proceeded to spank me with his clad finds –31 quarters and numerous dimes and nickels if I remember right from a small area of the park, I found my 30th silver coin for the year.

Some small drama ensued when I went to show my Merc to my friend. As I went to put it in my pocket I dropped it! We both used our detectors and we could not locate the dime. Finally, my friend got a dime signal and he went for it. I began to retrieve my Lesche to probe the grass for the coin and when I unsheathed the digger, my dime popped out! It had fallen in the sheath and that’s why we could not find it with our detectors LOL!

Silver coin #30 is a 1942 Mercury dime.

1942 Mercury dime

Mercury dimes are just so cool

Also, I was quite impressed with my friend’s F2 detector. It  detects plenty deep for its class and it id’s the targets pretty well. The F2 is made by Fisher.

Thank you for looking!


One Response to “Silver coin #30”

  1. Rosie October 27, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

    LOL! That’s a funny story. Those mercury dimes are SO COOL. I can’t wait until I get one.

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