Time for a new park?

31 Oct

I have the feeling that I may have gotten all the silver I am going to get with the AT Pro from McAdams park. I know that if I can get one or two more inches of depth I will strike a new layer of silver coins. I have found relics from the 30’s at nine inches deep. Today at lunch I extracted a pin for a flour mill that operated in Wichita until the late 30’s. It was about eight and a half inches deep (see picture below). I think that the White’s V3i will help me get the coins at that level.

lapel pin for Expansion Flour

Kansas Expansion Flour from the 30's or before

Meanwhile, I have another park with a similar story to McAdams’ story. Although this other park is not as old as McAdams, it too has been neglected by the metal detecting community. The last time I hunted there, I found wheats on the surface or very near it. The only drawback is that it will take me an additional five to ten minutes to get there at lunch time thus making my lunch time hunts even shorter. Another thing about this park that is different is that it is surrounded by an active neighborhood so it gets used a lot more. That means more curious children following you around and less available ground to hunt. I still think it will be worth the effort though.


2 Responses to “Time for a new park?”

  1. Detecting Saxapahaw November 1, 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    That pin is really cool! Something like that where you can ID it to your place at a specific time in the past – those are the kinds of things I hunt for. Nice work!

    • yaquigrande November 1, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

      What I really like about this pin is that the mill where this flour was made stood a couple of blocks away from this park. The mill operated from the late 1800’s to the late 1930’s.
      I’d like to think that this pin was lost during a company picnic.

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