Just when you think you’ve thought of everything

1 Nov

On my quest to find more and deeper coins, I scour the Web for knowledge that may help me. Today I read on a post in the American Detectorist metal detecting forum about a simple technique that had not occurred to me. “Make a pass in both directions over the same ground before overlapping for your next swing”. (This tip courtesy of CyberSage at American Detectorist)
That’s it. Short and sweet. Why would you want to do that? Because sometimes a coin will fail to sound in one direction but it will sound coming back. I have detected many coins that had a beep going only one way. Who knows how many coins stood in the same swat of ground but I missed them because they would only beep going the opposite direction of the swing!

Live and learn! (or in this case, Read and Learn!)

Thank you for looking.


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