A silver dime at nine inches with the AT Pro

2 Nov

Anyone reading this blog knows that I believe that the limit of the AT Pro on a U.S. silver dime is eight inches of depth, since that is the deepest I’ve detected a dime with an iffy, faint signal. Many people who use the AT Pro claim to have detected silver dimes at depths greater than eight inches but I’ve found their accounts sketchy.
When I measured my eight inch dime, I made certain that the dime was still in the soil at the bottom of the hole before I called it. Like I said, the signal was very iffy and faint. This led me to believe that a dime deeper than that would probably not register at all on my Pro.

Well, last night, I read a post by a guy who seems to know what he’s doing. He goes by Coyote65 on the FriendlyMetal Detecting Forum (see link under Useful Links on the right side). He reports having found a dime with the AT Pro at nine inches. After reading his posts I am inclined to believe that

  1. He is capable and qualified to measure the depth of a coin accurately.
  2. He is telling the truth.

Moreover, he actually taught me something about the AT Pro and that is, that on soil that it’s not heavily mineralized, like the soil in Kansas, running the Pro with a ground balance around 72 will increase the depth of the detector.  There are technical explanations as to why this is true but at this point I can’t follow them entirely so I have to trust people like  Coyote65 and Keith Southern from the Dankowski open forum (link under Useful Links on the right side) to lead me to the depth Promised Land.
Now, my coil is an 8.5×11 DD. In theory, the limit on this coil should be eight and a half inches (the depth limit of the coil being dictated by its width) so we’ll see.

I went out at lunch time to my park but it was drizzling and cold and I couldn’t get too muddy since I had to return to work so I couldn’t test the new technique to its fullest. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry and sunny and I’ll be able to give a better account of the experiment.

Thank you for looking!

3 Responses to “A silver dime at nine inches with the AT Pro”

  1. detecting saxapahaw November 3, 2011 at 1:29 am #

    I tend to use an average of the coil dimensions for the max depth. Especially for DD coils. Good luck!

    • yaquigrande November 3, 2011 at 11:53 am #

      An average; interesting! How does it work? Do you divide the length by the width of the coil?

      • Detecting Saxapahaw November 3, 2011 at 7:12 pm #

        Simple mean. So (8.5+11)/2 = 9.75. So In theory, your DD should get a coin sized target at a MAXIMUM of 9 3/4 inches or so based on coil size in perfect conditions. I find that using the narrowest dimension short-changed some elliptical coils. Of course it’s just a rough guide, nothing exact. The bigfoot coil is 18 x 3.5. Smallest dimension says it should get a 3.5in, average says 10.5 inches. In practice it can pick up coins around 6-7 inches – DOUBLE the smallest dimension!

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