Tragedy strikes!

4 Nov

Ok, it seems like tragedy to me…

Towards the end of my lunch time hunt yesterday I set my Pro down to dig a shallow quarter signal. I reached for the Lesche ( I use the Lesche to dig shallow targets) and not paying any attention to where I had laid down the detector I stabbed it on the screen! I have scratched the screen before but those were loving caresses compared to what I did to it this time.

broken at pro

I almost broke through the LCD screen as well

I damaged a few pixels on the LCD screen but I think it’s still not broken. I did tear a good size gash on the plastic cover, rendering the unit unfit for aquatic maneuvers (or for rain hunting for that matter). The Pro took it like a man and still works fine. I don’t want to take any chances however so while it’s gone to the infirmary, I will be hunting with my trusty gold-sniffing yellow wonder, the Ace 250.

Thank you for looking!


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