Relics of great antiquity

5 Nov

I went out with the Ace 250 this morning to look for gold.  It was very cold and windy but eventually it warmed up a bit. I did not find any gold; I only found some clad coins and this Airforce Insignia. It is a chevron for an airman. It may have had a star in the middle at one point. It was made by the International Insignia Corporation, a modern maker of insignia for the military.

Airman chevron.

Airforce chevron for the rank of airman

Before I viciously wounded my AT Pro, I went to a soccer field behind a middle school here in Wichita. I was told the field is a private field but the owner allows the school and the community to use it. Again, I was looking for gold there with my Pro and I found this tag. The tag says Whitehead & Hoag Co. Newark N.J. on the back. It also says “Pack Aug.1.99”. This tag was about seven inches deep and it gave a nice, high tone.


Product tag from 1899

Whitehead & Hoag was an advertising agency from the turn of the century. The 99 in the back obviously refers to 1899. Articles from this company sell for tens of thousands of dollars in the collectible market in mint condition. This is what I found on the web about this company:

Whitehead & Hoag LLC was one of the largest advertisement firms in the world at the turn of the century.  They had huge contracts with companies like: Boeing, US Governtment, Guiness, Bud, Bass Ale, Starret, Bartels, Worlds Fair, and hundres more.  They were also responsible for the patent of “Celluloid”  A high quality compound used for printing that made the prints more durable and vibrant in color.

What really excites me is that this tag dates the soccer field which used to be a farm back in the day. I wonder what other awesome goodies lie beneath!

Thank you for looking!


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