It’s Here!!!

23 Nov

As promised, the V3i arrived yesterday. Wow!  I bought it from Indian Nations Detectors in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I guess it really is a quick drive from there to here.

Work has been taking all my time lately, including the whole weekend! But I finally got home with my precious cargo (I had it delivered to my job) and got to put it together. I went out on the front lawn and although it was dark, it didn’t matter because the V3i has a backlit screen! Right away, I noticed the difference in the feel from the AT Pro. The V3i seems to be a little better balanced. Not that the AT Pro is cumbersome, it’s just that I expected the V3i to feel heavier.

Anyway, the V3i has a threshold that you can adjust both in volume and pitch. I decided already that I am turning it down to the softest possible without losing it until I understand why I need it.
I was surprised right away that the V3i picked up signals in spots I was sure were empty. I’ll leave them for later.

At first, when you read the manual, using the V3i seems a bit like drinking water out of a fire hose but it really only took me a minute or two to get the feel for the navigation of the menus. Plus, there are TONS of information out there generously put out by V3i users so I expect to be getting the most of this baby soon.

And soon needs to come soon! My trusty group of hunters has identified a most exciting spot in a city park where large cents; YES! LARGE CENTS; IN WICHITA!, have been found, along with other mid 1800’s coinage. We are all planning on exploiting the site with extreme prejudice and boy! my V3i should come in handy. I am planning on using my Pro as my primary detector at that spot since I know the Pro much better. Soon however, the V3i should bec0me my frontline weapon of choice.

So I hope this is my last text-only post as I should start getting out there again detector in hand. Pictures of finds should resume shortly.

Thank you for looking!


One Response to “It’s Here!!!”

  1. Rosie November 23, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

    Sweet! I can’t wait to see what you find in those holes you thought were empty. Also “drinking water from a fire hose” haha! I’ve never heard that one. I’m going to use it.

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