Coins next to iron

28 Nov

Given that my AT Pro is pretty awesome already, you may wonder why I bought a White’s V3i. The answer is, I was going for greater depth. If I can gain an inch of depth on a silver dime, I will be supremely happy. As it turns out, I may gain more than an inch but I am going to have to really become familiar with the arsenal of tools available in the V3i. Two very cool things I can do with the V3i that I cannot do with my AT Pro are the ability to read the mineralization in the ground (Ground Probe) and the actual signal strength given the conditions of the ground. Once you know those two things, you can configure the V3i accordingly. Those are the kinds of things that will allow me to squeeze just a little more depth out of my machine.

Meanwhile, just in factory default mode, I was able to detect coins sitting right next to iron. Really cool!

**I uploaded this video straight from my phone, that’s why it’s sideways**


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