The Game Is Afoot!

8 Dec

I went hunting with a member from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum and I took only my V3i. Right off the bat, within the first hour of the hunt, Patton found a really nice 1911 V Nickel. Later, we moved on to a site where a school once stood early in the 2oth century (that’s weird to write, since it is now the 21st century!) and it was there that I found this 1937 D wheat penny. Sure, it’s just a wheat but it is significant in that I found it with the V3i at a little over six inches deep. And as significant is the fact that I found it while hunting with a high degree of comfort and confidence.

1937D wheat cent obverse

and in pretty decent shape

1937D wheat penny reverse

Here's the reverse

I can categorically assert that I am now HUNTING with the V3i. There is still much to learn and much skill to attain but I believe I have enough mastery of the V3i to hunt with it and find stuff. I have concentrated in three programs: Deep Silver, Hi-Pro, and Coin & Jewelry.

I said it before and I’ll say it again; I expect great things from this detector!

Thank you for looking!


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