6 wheats but no silver…yet

9 Dec

I hunted with the V3i again today. I am getting more and more comfortable with the sounds and with each program. Today I spent the morning trying to detect a dime that I buried ten inches deep at my favorite park. Unfortunately, I could not repeat the magic at the park that I did in my yard. At least not yet. I still have a ways to go before I master all the relationships between settings in the V3i. I may be able to squeeze more depth from it yet.

As things stand however, I can detect a dime at eight inches fairly well at that park. I think I may detect the dime at nine inches with an iffy signal. I should have tested but I only tested at ten and eight inches. Before I left the park I managed to find a 1941D wheat which I misplaced in my car somewhere.

Later, I met with Patton from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum and we hunted a park he found hidden away in a neighborhood. I looked up the park on the Internet and learned that although the park is very new (1998), the site is an old school site.  We didn’t find anything of note (I found a flattened memorial penny) but we did get to see the park surrounded by sheriff officers. We don’t know what was going on. Patton had errands to run and I went to the park where a couple of large cents (I still can’t believe it) and a Morgan dollar were found this Fall. I managed to pull five wheats, including the oldest coin so far with my new V3i, a 1936S wheat penny. I hope to continue to find older and older coins, including lots of silver soon!

five wheat cents

The thing above the five wheat is a flattened memorial penny

1936S wheat cent

My oldest V3i coin thus far

Thank you for looking!


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