Happy Holidays!

23 Dec

Well, the end of the year is near and Christmas is nearer! I’ve gotten a couple of cold hunts in with not much to show for them but there was no shortage of fun. I have not found silver for a while and it’s been even longer since I found gold but, a confluence of good events may yet allow me to reach 35 silver coins for 2011 and maybe, just maybe, even find a gold ring or two.

Starting tomorrow, I get four days off (Yay!) and the weather promises to cooperate with plenty of sun and temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Add to that that I will be redoing my mother-in-law’s yard with the V3i and things could get interesting.

On New Year’s day, I am traveling to a nearby small town and will be detecting a farm in search of a lost ring. The owner assures me she knows the exact spot where she lost the ring but after 15 years of looking for it, she finally gave up. Now it’s my turn to try with the aid of my trusty metal detectors. From what I gather, the farm’s been around for a while  but no one knows where the original house stood. The houses there now were built after the 1960’s but there is always the possibility that I may find something  interesting anyway, which I get to keep (the ring, if found, goes to the owner of course). I do know where the original barn was, but unfortunately, a much larger barn with a cement floor was built on top of the spot. With any luck, I may have time to hit the local city park as well.

That’s it for now. Unless I find something worth talking about in the next four days, my next post should be about what happened at the farm.

Merry Christmas!. Chag sameach! (Hanukkah). Habari Gani?(Kawanzaa)

Thank you for looking!


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