Silver on the last hunt of 2011!

1 Jan

I managed to squeeze one more hunt this year courtesy of this fantastic weather. I think we made it to the low 60’s with full sun. Redd from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum (FMDF) suggested we try a very small town called Geuda Springs. The town has a storied past due to the natural springs that flowed there back at the turn of the century. I’ve known about this town for many years and I thought it was a great idea to hunt there. I was met there by Patton, also from the FMDF and we set to find the abandoned baseball diamond that Redd said existed in Geuda Springs (we didn’t find it). After driving around for a while, Patton and I decided to wait for the rest of our group (Redd, keepmeoutside, and cloudykid). We found what once was one of the main streets of the town but now it’s overgrown with grass and we started hunting there. Soon after, I found the 1945 Mercury dime. Later, I moved across the street to some empty lots and found the 1954 Roosevelt dime and the 1944 wheat.

It was 11am by then and the rest of the group was still missing. Patton decided to try another town to the West and I waited until noon. I called Redd but only got his voice mail again. As I was on the highway on my way back to Wichita, I got a call from Redd. He asked me why I hadn’t showed to the hunt. It turned out that he was at the baseball diamond all the while!  The reception at the town we were at was not very good so he never got my calls. Oh well! I am sorry I didn’t get to meet the new guys.

All in all it was a great hunt. Patton is a great hunting partner. He has a great sense of humor and he really enjoys the hobby. He was hunting with a bit of bursitis –the great ones play through the pain, they say. Still, it was fun. I managed to make my totally random goal of 35 silver coins for the year and also, I found my first silver with the V3i.

Without further ado, I give you silver coins number 34 and number 35:

1945 Mercury dime and 1954 Roosevelt dime

#34 and #35 fresh from the soil

Merc, Rosie, and wheat

Here they are a bit cleaner

I think I am going to go for a goal of 75 silver coins for 2012.

Thank you for looking!


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