Found a silver spoon

15 Jan

After going around checking small towns around the county, we stopped to visit a friend who just went through the death of her long-ill husband. When we got there, she asked me to help her with her new laptop. In return, she said I could detect around her 100+ year old farmhouse and farm. Score!

I only had 30 minutes or so to swing my coil around the old house. I found some clad and then I had this really loud quarter signal on the V3i. There were no signs of iron anywhere on the V’s screen and it showed around five inches deep so I decided to dig it.

When the spoon came out I checked the stamp on it and I clearly read Stainless. I was disappointed but I moved on. Once we left, one thing kept bothering me. Stainless doesn’t show that way on the V3i and also, something about the stamp bothered me as well. Plus, the spoon looked like silver. When I got home I rechecked the stamp with a loupe and bam! It said Sterling, not Stainless.

Spoon silver stamp

Clearly silver

A whole troy ounce of Sterling silver! My first ever silver flatware.

31.9 grams of silver

I think this is a little over one troy ounce

I was told I could come back anytime I wanted to detect the farm and farmhouse. I am so stoked!

Thank you for looking!

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