The coin

8 Feb

At lunch time, I decided to go to a different old park to hunt. I am still trying out different settings on the V3i to try to get deep coins and coins semi-masked by trash. When I got there, there was a construction crew busy tearing up some sidewalk portions around and in the park. I immediately hit the open portions that were not being worked on. I didn’t find anything but I vowed to return after work.

Upon arriving at the park at 5:05pm, I was sad to see that the new sidewalks had been already poured. I was immediately approached by a young man wearing the glow-in-the-dark vest and a hard hat with the construction logo on it. He didn’t say anything but just watched as I prepared my metal detector. I decided to initiate the conversation and soon he was asking me all kinds of questions about the hobby and the metal detector. He even showed me a 1935 wheat penny he had gotten in change the other day.
After a little while, he returned to his post. In turns out he and a co-worker were there to make sure no one messed with the freshly poured sidewalks.

As I was moving around the park trying different settings on my machine, the other construction guy came by me to tell me he had a coin I may be interested in. He said that while doing a job at a school in a nearby town, he had found a coin from 1851 (!). He couldn’t tell me much about it. He wasn’t sure if it was a silver coin and couldn’t remember the design on it. He said he found it as they were breaking ground to pour a new parking lot (!).

I gave him my cell number. He said he would call to let me know when he had the coin to show it to me.

I can’t wait. An 1851 coin in the general area of Wichita is something I want to see. The town where he allegedly found this coin is about the same age as my city. My city was formed in the late 1860’s and became a city in the early 1870’s.

I’ll keep you posted.


The guy never called. He either lost my number,  lost the coin, or lost interest.

That’s too bad. I really wanted to see what kind of coins it was.


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