Half a gold ring

24 Feb

I did not find the other half of the ring. The markings are very hard to read. It may be a 10K ring. I will test it when I get home this afternoon. It doesn’t appear to be plated but the pearl may be fake. Do real pearls peel? 😀


After looking at the markings for a while it suddenly became clear what they say: HONG KONG.

Although I see no evidence of plating, I will count this ring as plated as I believe that’s what this is.


I am hunting with the V3i on Best Data. The 22.5kHz frequency and the 7.5 kHz frequency lined up but the 2.5kHz frequency was off on the rejected negative VDI range. When I pinpointed, the dominant frequencies were the 22.5kHz and the 7.5kHz very much even while the 2.5kHz was a small green bar. The ring was about six inches deep, which tells me it was dropped a while ago. I didn’t break the ring, I think it was a lawnmower casualty.

Thank you for looking!


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