My 1887 Indian Head cent

5 Mar

I went out hunting for lunch today. Although the temperature was hovering around the mid 50’s, the strong winds made it feel much colder. I had planned on hunting a walking path by the Arkansas river but meetings at my job didn’t leave me too much time. So instead I went to a site that I have researched carefully and where I dug up a 1951 wheat cent before.

The site is TERRIBLE! There is so much rusted iron that the All Metal portion of the audio sounded like a continuous buzz. So I decided to switch programs on my V3i from the Deep Silver program to my tried and true Coin & Jewelry stock program. Five minutes after switching programs and ten minutes after starting my hunt I got a signal among trash that jumped from the low 70’s all the way to 80 and everywhere in between with hints of iron here and there. The tone was consistent among the trash though. The dominant frequency here was 2.5kHz and not 7.5kHz like it was on all the other Indians I’ve dug up lately. One problem with the signal (other than the iffyness) was that it was relatively shallow. The depth upon pinpointing was five inches. I generally don’t dig shallow iffy signals because 99% of the time they are trash but given the history of the site and the fact that I found the aforementioned wheat here, I decided to dig it. I am so glad I did!

1887 Indian Head cent obverse

Freshly dug

1887 Indian Head

A little cleaner. A definite candidate for olive oil

There sure has been a plethora of Indian Heads lately. This one is the oldest coin I’ve dug up to date. I love Indian Head pennies. They awaken the child in me more than any other coin. The year this coin was minted, Wichita was barely 17 years old and a little more than a collection of wooden structures along one solitary street. It’s early citizens however, already had great plans for it. Plans that included the neighborhood that once stood in the patch of grass where my cent was buried. I am not ready yet to disclose the exact location where I was today at lunch because I am now very hopeful that there may be Seated coins here and I want to be the one to find them. 😀

Thank you for looking!


2 Responses to “My 1887 Indian Head cent”

  1. Stevessunkentreasures March 6, 2012 at 1:30 am #

    Very nice dig miner! Hopefully you find your seated there. If you see a bearded, Arabic looking , hispanic guy following you around to figure out where your hunting I will deny it!

  2. Dave March 6, 2012 at 2:43 am #

    Now that is a super find, congratulations! Good luck with your seated and I hope that you know I am really pulling for you.

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