Nothing but a Wheat thing

8 Mar

I returned to the secret yard at lunch today. I am working the site slowly so I am not covering a lot of ground in one hour. It was cold too, with temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and a nice brisk wind from the North making it feel much chillier than it was.
All I found was a 1936 D wheat cent and more old copper trash. I took a picture of one of the objects I have been calling tags. I’ve found about a dozen of these now at this site. I don’t know what they are but I know they are made of copper. The shiny spot on the upper right hand corner of the object is where I scored the metal to show the copper beneath the patina and dirt.
I have hunted homes from the 20’s on and I’ve never found copper whatsits like this one. Only when I hunt pre-1900 homes do I find this kind of thing.

The wheat was about 5 inches deep and it gave a mixed pull tab/zinc penny signal.

old copper tag and 1936D Lincoln cent

Both found at the same site. The metal tag shows the copper under the dirt


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