30 minute hunt after work

14 Mar

I stopped at a small grassy spot in downtown Wichita after work. I’ve had very unproductive hunts on the last week and I wanted to hunt a small spot that I could cover completely in a short amount of time.

I managed to find a 1965 Roosevelt dime at about five inches down plus other various and sundry items. The most significant of those was the shot shell. Normally I don’t get excited about shot shells but they do a lot to date an area. This one is a Winchester Repeater #12. According to Cartridge Corner (see link under Useful Links section on the right), this shotgun shell was made prior to 1901. I know it must have been dropped soon after it was made because there were houses on this spot very early on Wichita’s history.
The dog tag was one inch down and the big chunk of lead was seven inches in the ground. The Lincoln Memorial cents were all between one to three inches deep.

Various and sundry things

And I think I understand why I often feel that my short hunts are more productive than my long hunts. I believe it all has to do with expectations. I don’t expect to find much on a 30 minute hunt so everything I find seems significant. On a long hunt, I expect to hit silver and gold and I am often disappointed.

I am hoping this weekend I do better.

Thank you for looking!


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