New toys coming my way!

16 Mar

I have resisted buying a sniper coil for any of my units because I have been hunting deep targets since day one and I didn’t want to give up any depth. But alas! So much enthusiasm has been shown in the forums for Garrett’s new 5×8 DD coil and so very many positive testimonials have been written that I finally gave in to peer pressure and ordered one for the AT Pro. I know technically the 5x8DD is not a sniper coil but to me it might as well be. The two great things about this coil are its size and its double D with blunted ends design. The blunted ends let you get up to the trunk of the tree or the wall and thus hunt areas that were previously off limits to most other detectors. The small size and the double D design will be killers in a high trash area. Most old parks in Wichita are good candidates for this coil.

Metal detector coil

Just like the 8.5x11DD but much smaller

I’ve bought a Fisher CZ-3D from a member of the Thomas Dankowski Open Forum. This unit was calibrated by Tom Dankowski himself and he certifies that this unit will read a dime at 12.2 inches on an air test. Even if I lose an inch or two on the ground, I will still be able to read a dime at ten inches plus. Sweet! Of course, bigger coins will be no problem. Plus the CZ-3D is a two frequency machine and it has proven itself in the battle ground. I know the CZ-3D is getting up in years but it can still hold its own. I think I will get it in two weeks or so.

Metal detector control box

Look Ma! No digital screen!

Last, you may be wondering why I need the Fisher CZ-3D when I already own a high end detector, i.e. White’s Spectra V3i. You see, although the V3i goes deep enough and it is a three frequency detector, the V3i presents all three signals separately. The CZ is a two frequency machine that aggregates the signals and presents one beep to the user. It will be another tool in my search for cool stuff.

Thank you for looking!


One Response to “New toys coming my way!”

  1. stevessunkentreasures March 18, 2012 at 3:08 am #

    Congrats on the new machine. Im sure you will have a bunch of fun with it!

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