What it takes

19 Mar

This weekend I was invited to hunt a very interesting site. Much human activity happened there from the late 1800’s to the 1950’s. As interesting as the site itself was the story of how our host was able to gain permission to hunt it.

He heard of this site via an old timer in his 80’s who mentioned casually that as an eight year old, he used to buy fireworks there. The old guy couldn’t remember anymore where the place was or what happened to the site nor who may own the land now. So my friend went on research mode but quickly ran into a dead end.

He continued to make inquiries around with no results until he decided to visit the local nursing home. He visited there until he found a person who not only remembered the site but knew where it was.

This was the breakthrough my friend needed! Using his research tools, he was able to find the plot and find the owner. Turns out the owner is in his 90’s, hard of hearing and cantankerous to boot. My friend was undeterred and worked hard at meeting the owner in person. After much perseverance, he managed to meet the owner one day only to be told no.

Now, you and I may have given up at this time but not my friend. He continued his quest until the owner told him that the reason he would not allow any hunting there was because the land was being leased. Aha! So on went my friend until he found the two people who shared the lease. One of them is the owner of a famous and successful chain of BBQ restaurants in Kansas. After some letter and email writing he got permission to hunt the place.

How’s that for perseverance?

The story was an invaluable lesson for me. Now I know what it takes to be a successful hunter!

Thank you for looking!


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