The CZ-3D is here!

22 Mar

The unit was delivered to my job as I requested. The whole transaction went very smoothly. After work I took the CZ-3D to one of my favorite old parks and hunted for 20 minutes. I did as Nasa Tom suggests and dug every high signal. At the end of the twenty minutes I had dug three square pulltabs, three round pulltabs, one pulltab tail, and two wine screwcaps.

Not the fireworks one would expect! But to be fair, I didn’t even ground balanced the unit and I know absolutely nothing about it using it yet. So I am not disappointed at all. I expect great things from this Fisher detector. I will reveal the real reason why I bought this unit in a couple of months, once I have achieved my objective.

Meanwhile, the unit is light compared to my V3i. It feels a little lighter than the AT Pro. I thought that I was going to have a hard time with a round concentric coil but I think I will do alright. Pinpointing was a breeze. One thing I learned or rather I remembered about this coil at the end of my hunt is that for the unit to correctly id a target, the target has to be dead center in the middle of the coil. That may be why I dug up so many pulltabs today.

Stay tuned.


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