First coins with the Fisher CZ-3D

23 Mar

I went out this morning before work and hit the old park again. I began this morning’s hunt very much the way I ended last evening’s hunt; with square pull tabs (stay tabs I believe they are called). Normally, I run all my machines wide open and that’s how I was running this new CZ. After I dug up a couple of pull tabs I decided to turn up the DISC to just beyond the square pull tab setting. Even after doing this, I still dug up one or two of these. I learned that the CZ-3D is fooled by the little beaver tails off the round pull tabs the way all my other detectors get fooled (the beaver tails register as nickels). Also, even after being very careful about having the target in the center of the coil, I still dug up several crumpled-into-a-ball round pull tabs, which I thought was interesting since I never dug those up before.

So I continued and eventually I got a high tone on the nickel slot. The CZ-3D has an analog, needle type readout and unlike my other detectors, it does not differentiate between coin types with the exception of nickels. So the readout as far as coins is concerned is nickels, zinc and token, and coin. Anyway, as I was saying, I got a high signal on the nickel slot and voila! it was a modern Jefferson nickel. I am very excited about this. I now expect to be pulling my share of V nickels out of this park! I also found a couple of Lincoln cents that read in the zinc/token slot.

Jefferson nickel and two Lincoln cents

Baby's first coins!

So I can’t wait to go out at lunch and hunt some more with this machine. There is lots of material out there about this machine and I will be reading all of it. Expect some great finds from me in the near future.

After my lunch time hunt, I realized that all the square pull tabs were hitting in the zinc/token slot. So now I know how to avoid them but will I be giving up possible Indian Heads and gold? I think I will continue to dig them for now in the interest of learning the CZ-3D. Oh, and I may have my first deep coin! I got a consistent high tone, very faint, hitting in the coin slot. I dug a nine inch hole (the Propointer was all the way in) and still did not register in the pinpointer but the CZ says it’s still there. The depth indicated on the CZ is all the way to the left of the eight inch mark!. I will return to the spot with my Sampson shovel, maybe even after work today.

Incidentally, I am not putting the V3i away! I hunted with it for 15 minutes yesterday and I found a 1920 wheat cent from an area of the old trashy park that I’ve been eyeing for some time now. My goal is to become proficient with my slew of tools and be ready to pull cool stuff from any and all areas of my fair city.

Thank you for looking!


2 Responses to “First coins with the Fisher CZ-3D”

  1. Jake (keepmeoutside) March 23, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    How Cool- It sounds like you are going to have fun with your new machine. I hope it helps you in your pursuit in which you bought it for.

    I am guessing your next purchase will be a little red wagon to haul the arsenal of detectors around while your hunting a park. 🙂

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