The AT Pro, the CZ-3D, and The V3i

26 Mar

I made a big breakthrough with the CZ-3D today. I had been hunting with discrimination at nickels, meaning I was discriminating pulltabs, foil, and iron and I was digging way too many rusty nails. Today, however, I read on a forum, how to tell rusty nails from good stuff. The trick is to use no discrimination so you can hear the iron grunts. This will allow me to spend more time looking for the good stuff instead of digging deep rusty nails.

I got the AT Pro back from my friend, along with four fresh batteries and a gift card to Pizza Hut. Dude is a class act. After the exchange, he went home and I had twenty minutes to hunt an ultra-trashy area. I pulled another wheat cent and a clad dime before I ran out of time. I am convinced there is silver in that spot and lots of it. I just need to spend the time there with the AT Pro and the 5x8DD coil.

Last, I also began the process of learning to tell gold from other low-conductive material with the V3i. I think I finally understood what the German man was saying with pull tab readings. I need more practice though.

I think this year is going to be awesome!!


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