Really CRAZY stuff

2 Apr

I have been pondering lately about innate talents. Like how some people have really good hearing and some people have great visual acuity right of the gate; God given; at birth.

See, some people out on the Internet talk about being able to tell gold from pull tabs by the sound of the signal alone. I believe this. The nuances in signals, vibrations, and sounds are as infinite as the frequencies that they create. The human ear is a fantastic, superbly designed instrument and the human brain is the most powerful computer in the universe. So it stands to reason that someone could discern those tiny differences in sound between a signal from gold and a signal from a pull tab.

I make the assumption here that either you are getting the raw signal from the ground, as in All Metal operation, or that  the processor and the algorithms in the machine can produce sufficiently nuanced signals.

At any rate, I am not one of those people with innate auditory super powers. My brother is. He demonstrates this by his ability to mimic accents. You have to hear the accent and all its subtleties before you can imitate it as well as he does.
So, how do I get this ability? Years of practice is one way. But what about other, less orthodox ways?

Like self-hypnosis. I can feel your eyeballs rolling. Stop it. I am serious here. Self-hypnosis helps people around the world on a daily basis. Weight Loss, Smoke Cessation, Pain Management, these are some of the things hypnosis can help with. Why not auditory acuity?

And if you think hypnosis is ridiculous, then you’re really going to think I’ve gone crazy when I talk about meditation. Yep, meditation. Using meditation to sharpen our concentration to the point where maybe, we can enhance our senses to feel the best, most productive spot in a site.

Yeah, I know, crazy stuff. Hey, at least I didn’t talk about pendulums or divining rods!

Thank you for looking!


2 Responses to “Really CRAZY stuff”

  1. Lawdog1 April 7, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    What do you have against divining rods? 😉

    Great post! I use advance problem solving (a form of meditation) quite often. It keeps me alive!

    • yaquigrande April 8, 2012 at 3:14 am #

      Man that’s cool. We don’t often think of the skills one has to develop in your line of work!

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