The LOST nickels

3 Apr

Knowing that rain was moving in today, I went hunting early in the morning before work. I returned to the spot where I found the Indian Head cents and the Buffalo nickels back in February. The site has been hunted heavily before I found those coins and after. I know in March the spot was hit hard by two Etracs, two V3i’s, one Teknetics G2, an Ace 250, a Bounty Hunter, and an ancient White’s with no tone id. And that’s just the people I know about! At least three of us grid so the chances of finding anything left is minimal.

But the CZ-3D is a totally different animal. It’s not that the CZ-3D assigns a high tone to nickel signals.  I can do that with the V3i and I’ll be digging pull tabs all day long! No, the CZ-3D sees the nickels differently. It also sees all other old coins differently. So this morning I found three nickels that we all missed. My guess is that if I checked these signals with my other detectors, they would have sounded like trash.

So I am happy with the CZ-3d. I’ve ordered the 10.5″ spider coil to get at the deeper coins. I forecast more Buffalo nickels and maybe even V nickels in  my near future, to say nothing of other old coins that may be registering as trash to everyone else.

Three Jefferson nickels

I missed these and so did everyone else

Thank you for looking!

One Response to “The LOST nickels”

  1. stevessunkentreasures April 3, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    Miner, the only one I missed was the 59. I thought to myself that I wanted to leave you a little something to find… Glad you are enjoying the new machine!

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