Dog Poop Town

4 Apr

One day, when I was just starting in the hobby with the Ace 250, I was scouting for locations to hunt and I decided to cut through an apartment complex on my way somewhere else. As I was walking past their courtyard, the first thing I noticed was that everyone in the complex owned dogs. At least it seemed to me that way because of the amount of dog poo laying around. The second thing that grabbed my attention were the  coins that were strewn about on top of  the dirt. As I began picking them up I realized each and every one was a wheat cent, ranging in date from the 20’s to the 40’s. I could tell that these coins had been washed out by the rain.  I was so excited that I forgot this complex was private property. I hunted the courtyard with the 250 but found only old trash.

Eventually I returned with the AT Pro and found my 1899 Barber quarter. I did some research and found that this was the site of one of the first neighborhoods in Wichita.

I went by today after work and hunted for 15 minutes with the CZ-3D before the rain and hail drove me away. I love this place. I call it Dog Poop Town. It is target rich and it is dangerous (I had a dangerous looking guy shadow me from a distance today)

The two ‘relics’ are from the 19th century.

Various and sundry things

Thank you for looking!


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