War nickel

5 Apr

I’ve been using the CZ-3D lately and I am happy with the unit except that I haven’t yet reached very deep with it. As a result, my finds have been less than interesting.

So today, I brought out the big gun. I hit a couple of places this afternoon with my V3i and finally I got some silver out of the ground. The signal was not a signal that I would have dug a couple of weeks ago but since using the CZ, I’ve developed new instincts. The nickel was a 1945 P Jefferson nickel and it was between seven and eight inches down. The signal had wrap-around and the VDI was jumpy but the high tone was consistent all around.

The other coin I dug today was a 1912D wheat cent. I may be turning into a snob because anymore, I don’t brag about wheats unless they are in the 10’s. This signal also wrapped around but now and again, I got a clean hit with a VDI of 72 so I dug it and I am glad I did. The coin was six inches deep.

Anyway, I am still eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 10.5 inch coil for the CZ. I expect great things from it just as I expect great things from my V3i.

old coins

Big Bertha comes through!

1945 Jefferson nickel obverse

Nice detail

1945 Jefferson nickel reverse

Love that big P atop Monticello

1912 D Lincoln cent

Old wheat


One Response to “War nickel”

  1. Patton April 6, 2012 at 4:25 am #

    As you know, I hit my first War Nickel on Monday!
    Love seeeing that letter above the Dome!

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