The 10.5 inch coil is in

9 Apr

The mailman delivered the 10.5 inch coil for the CZ-3D at 5:10pm! We never get the mail that late. Must be a new guy.

This meant that I only had ten to fifteen minutes to try the new coil. I put the new coil on and ran to the old trashy park (aka Riverside park). I purposely hit an area of the park that I have hunted before and so has everybody else lately. The first thing I noticed was how much heavier the larger coil was than the 8 inch coil. I am really going to have to move the control box off the rod to my belt.

Also, right away, I noticed I was picking up deeper targets. I could tell because I could really hear the modulation working. With the 8 inch coil, I didn’t really hear the difference in tone between targets. I believe this was due to the fact that with the 8 inch coil I was only hitting the top six inches of dirt, whereas with the 10.5 I was going much deeper. I pinpointed a few of the signals and sure enough, most were hitting the 7 and 8 inch depth mark.

Eventually, I had to dig a few to see how the new coil was really doing. The first couple of signals were foil signals. I selected them because they sounded deep. Only one of the foil signals turned out to be a deepish –7 inches deep piece of very old foil. The other was actually a very small piece of foil on the surface.

On to some high tones I went. I picked a couple of very faint high signals but I never reached them. Digging very deep holes with the Lesche is just awkward. The next three high tones I dug were all in the Nickel slot. The first two were the ubiquitous beaver tails, both around six inches deep. The last signal of my 15 minute trial was a nickel signal and this one turned out to be a 1964 Jefferson nickel, only five inches deep but completely on its side. I chuckled because I knew I had just read that area with the V3i this morning and this signal surely came up as iron trash on it.

And that’s the whole reason why I bought the CZ-3D. This machine puts me on a category of signals that other detectors will read as undesirable trash. I don’t mean to pick on the V3i. A couple of Etracs ran over that same piece of dirt and they didn’t dig any of the nickels that I’ve recovered since with the CZ-3D either. It’s just the nature of these coins and these machines.

The CZ-3D was created for just this situation; coins that read as trash.

Thank you for looking!


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