Lunch hunt with the CZ-3D

10 Apr

At lunch, I went to an old school site. The school that once stood there was torn down about two or three years ago and the site is now a city park. The school opened in the very early years of the 20th century and so the potential for very old coins is there, except that the school was hunted heavily long before it was demolished and has been hunted heavily ever since. So my expectations for this hunt were to find a Jefferson nickel or two and because of the low expectations I hunted loosely without even bothering to overlap my swings. At the end of my 45 minutes I was surprised by my finds.

various metal objects

The wheels on the bus go 'round no more

I was very surprised by the toy cars. They usually sound like quarters on many detectors so why were they missed? The clad dime was another unexpected find. Four inches in the ground surely people didn’t leave it there on purpose! But the real shocker was the 1917 Lincoln cent. This baby was a little over six inches deep.  This wheat cent has the distinction of being the oldest coin I’ve dug up with the CZ-3D.

1917 Lincoln cent


Seems as if I need to grid this little site!

Thank you for looking.


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