Dog Poop Town Dog Tag

13 Apr

I hunted Dog Poop Town (DPT) at lunch time. In case you don’t know, DPT is an apartment complex where everyone owns a dog and no one cleans up after their dog. Today was humid and warm and the dog poo smell was strong. Poop smell notwithstanding,  DPT is a promising site where a very old neighborhood once stood.

I did  a little more research and found that in 1972, the old neighborhood was still there, albeit, in decay. By 1980, the old neighborhood was gone and DPT was new and happening. I remember my sister had an apartment nearby  in 1983 and the whole area looked really cool.

Today I found a little clad, a little trash, and a 1936 Dog Tax tag. This is only the third city dog tag I’ve ever found. The first one was a 1980 dog tag I found in Oak park and the second was the 1901 Dog Tax tag I found near the Girl Scout House in Riverside park.

various metal objects

Dog Poop Town loot

I don’t know why finding an old coin doesn’t make me think of personal history the way a relic does. Finding this 1936 dog tax tag made me think of the person who owned this dog. Obviously, he or she was a law abiding citizen who paid his dog tax for that year. Did this person follow the 1936 Olympics in Germany? Did he read about Jesse Owens embarrassing Hitler by winning a slew of gold medals? Was this person rooting for the Yankees or for the Giants in the 1936 World Series? Were they young? old? employed? Were they concerned about the large hobo camp in nearby Riverside park that formed as a result of 25% unemployment (Great Depression)? What kind of dog was it?

Wichita 1936 dog tax tag

Dog number 1743 registered that year

Thank you for looking!


One Response to “Dog Poop Town Dog Tag”

  1. Lawdog1 April 14, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

    Cool tag.

    What do you do with a good signal masked by fresh dog poop?

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