Me and the CZ-3D…

16 Apr

…are getting well acquainted.

I went out yesterday evening for a couple of hours to Sims Park. The evening was beautiful. It was cool and the sun was on the western horizon and everything was bathed in the sweet light.

I worked an area where I had pulled some wheats from the 20’s with the V3i.  At first, I was digging what seemed to be an endless supply of aluminum screw tops. I wish I could remember when soda pop bottles stopped having those aluminum caps and began having the plastic ones. Anyway,  eventually I hit a high, soft, and repeatable signal that pinpointed at six inches deep. I cut a plug and out came a 1917D wheat cent. A few minutes later, I got a composite signal that went from iron to all coin on the CZ-3D.  I moved around the target and the signal remained the same. I pinpointed and the depth indicated was six inches as well. I dug the hole and I found a 1953 wheat at the bottom of it. At that point, I realized I had just learned something new about the CZ-3D.  And that is, when the CZ gives a combination signal, pay attention to what the iron portion of the signal sounds like. The iron signal will give you as much information as the high signal about what you have under the coil. Of course, by the time I had this epiphany, I needed to get back home so I couldn’t test further. On my way to the car I found two clad dimes and a very old copper muffin mold.

various metal objects and coins

The spoils

Thank you for looking!


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