30 Apr

The location has seen human activity for thousands of years but only since the 1860’s did Americans of European descent began dropping coins there.  For almost 150 years, coins made of copper, silver, and gold met with the dirt and sank into the depths. Eventually, at the large lot where I was hunting at lunch, a neighborhood with hundreds of houses  was built and hundreds of children and adults carelessly lost their change for me to find many years later.

So why am I not? The area changed dramatically in the late 1970’s. Where streets once ran, now office buildings stand. Where homes stood, streets now run busy with traffic. Did the old coins get tossed around by the construction equipment and now lie beyond the reach of my V3i?

Or did the old timers with their BFO (Beat Frequency Oscillator) machines hunt the place out?

More than likely, the coins are being masked by the incredible amount of metal debris in the soil.

Whatever the reason, I only found clad today. Clad and a small piece from a vintage cap gun. The metal scrap bears the word BULLDOG. All the vintage cap guns named BULLDOG I found on the Internet were replicas of snub-nosed 38 caliber revolvers.

various coins

Where are the old coins?

Where are the silver dimes? Or the wheat cents?

Stay tuned…


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