Another site downtown

1 May

This was a nice city park back in the day but by the time I was a senior in High School (1982), the place was a favorite with hobos and winos.  Before it was a park, in the early days of Wichita, this site may have been a city dump. I know exactly where to dig and how deep to get to trash from the turn of the century.  My brother and I explored the trash a long time and we got some pretty neat stuff from there.

These days it is a nondescript grassy area in a busy intersection in downtown Wichita. I first hunted here with my Ace 250 but I knew next to nothing about metal detecting so I went home with a pocket full of pull tabs and rusty nails. Later, I hit the site with my AT Pro. Turns out I wasn’t ready then either.

Today, I took Big Bertha with me. My V3i is custom made for a place like this. I lowered my Recovery Delay (Recovery speed) to a fast 45 to deal with all the trash and away I went. There were lots of interesting and promising signals but I only hunted for 30 minutes because I actually wanted to eat some lunch. In that time, I found two relatively recent drops and a lipstick case made of brass copper with red lipstick still in it. I’d like to think that the lipstick case dates to the 40’s or 50’s, back to the days when this was a park that people used. I wish I knew when copper lipstick cases stopped being manufactured.

various metal objects

30 minutes worth

I will return for sure.

Thanks for looking!


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