No hunting today but exciting nonetheless

3 May

Due to various reasons, I didn’t hunt at all today. It’s a rare day I don’t hunt, yet, it was an exciting day of metal detecting related stuff.

Sometime during the day, Steveouke contacted me about a story an old timer related to him during his lunch hunt. The story revolved around an old Speakeasy site to which the old timer had a direct connection.  At first both Steveouke and I had our doubts but since I was out in that general direction, I decided to go check the site out.

The place was obviously private property. There were no trespassing signs everywhere.  Once I returned to my office I did a quick look-see to learn of the ownership of the site. Once I had that figured out, I picked up the phone and called Steveouke. He said he was on it.

Turned out the story was true. The owners of the woods were aware of the history of the place and no, thank you very much, there is no earthly way we will let you hunt it. Sigh! So close and yet so denied!

So both Steveouke and I were left with visions of Barbers and Standing Liberties dancing in our heads.

Who knows though, a miracle could happen…


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