Cool old ring

7 May

After work, I stopped by my old honey hole where I found my first ever Mercury dime. I had my AT Pro and the 5x8DD coil with me. The site is MEGA trashy so the small coil is perfect. Within ten minutes of getting there I got a signal in the low 60’s with that soft, round quality to it. The Pro said the target was eight inches deep. I began to dig and at about six inches this ring popped out.

I couldn’t tell it was a ring at first until I removed some of the dirt. Just as I was admiring it, another hunter stopped by to introduce himself. He hunts Riverside as I do and we exchanged a few war stories. He left to detect after chatting for a few minutes and I resumed my hunt. Before I had to leave, I found a 1942D wheat cent that I missed all the other times I’ve hunted the small area.

old ring

Fresh from the dirt

The ring is gold plated and the stone appears to be mother of pearl. I am no jewelry designer but the design of the ring seems Gothic to me. I would venture to say this ring is from the 1920’s. There are remnants of what may have been markings on the inside of the ring but are too far gone to read.

Finding this ring breathes life into me. I have not been finding much lately and I was beginning to get discouraged. The fact that I found it at the honey hole where I found my first ever Mercury dime and my first ever Walking Liberty half makes it even more special.

old ring and 1942 wheat cent

My after work hunt

I love my AT Pro!

Thank you for looking.


2 Responses to “Cool old ring”

  1. Lawdog1 May 8, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

    That is a cool ring! Glad your luck has improved.

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