Ruminations 4

7 May

Deep is deeper than it used to be

Before I bought the Fisher CZ-3D, I heard a lot about how deep it went. Now that I own it, I can see that back in 2002 when it was first released, it was a deep detector indeed. In my soil, it can hit a dime at around eight inches deep. However, the V3i can hit the same dime at ten inches with a coil of similar size. I hear that the Etrac, the Fisher F75, and other new machines out there can hit a dime at ten inches as well.

It’s a different game nowadays. Gone are the days when one could find silver laying around. At least around here, it is often necessary to go beyond the seven inch level to get a Barber dime out of a park. So yes, in 2002, eight inches was deep. In 2012, ten inches is deep. Deep is deeper than it used to be.


When  I began metal detecting last year, the metal detecting forums were new and exciting. I learned a lot by reading posts. Lately however, I have been sticking to reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube.

I will happily answer any messages from new hunters and help them in any way I can but my zeal for posting my finds on the forums has died.

New machines

There is a new machine by Minelab. I don’t know that this machine represents a leap forward. Rather, it seems like small improvements here and there. Niche Improvements is what someone else called them.
Rumor has it that Fisher may be releasing a new machine later this year.
I wonder how much longer until we see a paradigm shift in this hobby.


Since last May, I’ve got to experience something relatively new to me: friends. I am still learning about this new having-friends thing; the ebb and flow. I seem to lose contact with some for a little while only to reconnect later.  I need to make a better effort to stay in touch.

Thank you for looking!


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