The Wheat-tab

15 May
1928 Lincoln cent reverse

I see a mean moon rising…

What you are looking at here is an oddity that I have encountered several times before. This wheat cent gave a VDI of 50 on the V3i during my lunch time hunt. Just so you know, nickels read 52 on the V3i. The signal was solid and repeatable.  And it was shallow too! Three inches under the ground! No other signal was forthcoming after I extracted this coin.

Why does this creature exist? My guess is that it has something to do with the Dirt Matrix. And what is that you ask? Well the Dirt Matrix is the conglomeration of variables in the soil such as minerals, EMI, moisture, bug poop, and the price of tea in China. All of these things came together and when the signal from my detector hit the coin, the signal returned did not report a Wheat Cent but rather something else.

And it doesn’t only affect Wheat cents. Silver dimes and clad coins have come in as something else on the V3i and the AT Pro. Once, I dug up a clad quarter a couple of inches under the ground that gave me a solid iron grunt on the AT Pro.

So what are we to make of this? Sadly the answer is obvious and painful: Dig Everything.

Thank you for looking!


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